is looking for a new tech admin and new moderators

Welcome back to! has been down due to severe data loss caused by the hosting provider. I have since hand-rolled a new platform for Sbo on its own server, and recovered a relatively ancient manual backup (the automatic backups were lost).

However, I'm getting too old for this; I'd like to hand this site, with all of the improvements to performance and reliability I've just made, to a fresh new administration team. If you get excited about configuration scripts and shell-fu, and love Stuy's liveliness and unique culture, let me know!

Tech Admin: Can you keep the site running?

Also, as before, needs mods who prevent the site from falling into a cesspool of poorly-styled libel.

Moderator: Got taste?

Email me at with your year at Stuy, what role you'd like to play for, and a short note about why you're the best at it.

Oh right, it's "," for @#$%'s sake, not "Stuybash." If you're going to bash Stuy, there's a P.S. K430 in Brooklyn you can attend instead.